The O2: 360°/ VR Promotional Experience

Mobulair was tasked with obtaining 360° aerial footage of The O2 (previously known as the Millennium Dome) for client AEG/O2 . It was a mammoth project that entailed months of planning and resulted in spectacular footage for use in a VR/interactive promotional “experience” featuring this London landmark.

The project was beset by logistical and technical challenges. To fly safely, the area under the drone had to be under our full control. That involved temporarily sealing off the entire Greenwich peninsula to the public and coordinating airspace security restrictions with the nearby London City airport. We also arranged for the Dome to be lit up outside usual hours and filmed through the early hours of the morning to capture the beautiful sunrise.

Our flight path required us to weave in and out of the iconic steel towers that support the Dome. To achieve the most stable footage and safest flying platform, we designed and built a new drone, the Falcon X8 (see it here). And to capture the highest-resolution 360° footage we used the new GoPro Omni™ Rig.

It was Mobulair’s longest and most challenging project to date and one that we’re rightly proud of. Enjoy the 360° view from above the centre of the Dome in the video below, and take part in the full interactive VR experience at O2 venues and locations around the country soon.