Revere: Aerial Music Video

We at Mobulair love a challenge. So when a director asked if we could descend our heavyweight drone at high speed, from maximum altitude down to millimetres away from someone’s face, there was only one answer: Bring it on!

The project was a music video for indie rock band Revere, and the brave soul was lead singer Stephen Ellis, who endured freezing cold waves crashing over him as he lay on the beach in his best suit while we filmed from above.

For Mobulair, this project hinged on close communication with the director and cameraman in order to deliver millimetre precision. The entire shoot was carefully choreographed, involving aerial photography to track the path of a single wave, far out in the English Channel, as it rolled towards the beach and crashed over the prone singer.

Using a custom-built heavylift Falcon X8 aerial platform, with Sony A6300 shooting in 4k, Mobulair needed every ounce of technical skill to control the drone and help deliver the breathtaking footage.

Thanks to meticulous planning, the shoot was a success and resulted in a beautifully creative video to accompany the band’s latest song, ‘Sonder’. See for yourself here: