MarathonBet: Making Pigs Fly

DG238VtXoAA-QjGMobulair’s most unusual request to date came from MarathonBet, a Brighton-based online bookmaker. They wanted our help in making 4 giant pigs fly over Brighton Pier to promote their new offer (5000-1 odds on Brighton FC to win the championship – as likely as pigs flying…).

Always up for a challenge, Mobulair worked with the client to advise on logistics, which involved arranging for sections of the beach to be sealed off to the public. We also collaborated with the other drone operators to plan the flightpath of the 4 pigs and ensure they flew in perfect formation up and down the coastline.

To accommodate the unusual payload, Mobulair customised a S900 drone so it could safely transport the enormous foam animals. With 4 pigs being controlled by 4 operators, the work involved great teamwork and constant communication in order to achieve highly coordinated line-of-sight flying.

The stunt was deemed a success, and the resulting film for social media got 62k views the day it was released.

Don’t believe that pigs can fly? Watch the video below.