King’s College, Cambridge: 360° Campus Tour

Mobulair had the honour of being allowed unrestricted access to the grounds of King’s College, Cambridge, in order to obtain the first-ever 360° aerial footage of the stunning location.

Our work was part of a project to create a virtual tour of the campus, which is home to the world-famous medieval King’s College Chapel.

The main challenge was gathering all the required shots on a tight schedule and causing minimum interruptions to the bustling campus. While we flew our custom Falcon F8 heavy lift UAV carrying a 360° camera rig (see it here), multiple other operators were also filming with standard 2D cameras.

In order to capture the required footage we had to fly over every inch of the campus at different heights, speeds and directions, simultaneously obtaining different shots from different angles – leaving no margin for error.

For one day only, the sky above Cambridge was buzzing with fleets of drones, to the fascination of tourists and dons alike.