Glenfiddich Whisky: 360° Virtual Reality Distillery Tour

Mobulair was the drone operator on a 360° virtual reality project for Glenfiddich Whisky, which was directed and creatively produced by VR, AR and 360° specialists Happy Finish as part of Glenfiddich’s campaign “Journey into the Mind of the Malt Master” (agency: Space).

img_8485For this “tour with a twist”, the opening sequence features stunning 360° aerial footage that follows the passage of water from a loch on the vast Glenfiddich estate to a stream and finally into the distillery itself, where the water is turned into the world’s best-selling single malt.

For this cutting-edge project, Mobulair spent 2 days shooting across 4 locations in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. In order to capture seamless footage over long distances, we used a Y-6 custom drone with 7 Go-pros, with a special mount for the camera pole. The flights were long-range and heavily reliant on videolink, pushing the drone to its limits. The piloting was also challenged by exceptionally high winds on the peaks of Glen Affric.

We feel the final footage is a superior-quality, premium product worthy of the Glenfiddich name – take a look for yourself below.

Make sure to change your settings to the highest resolution and don’t forget to pan around the video by moving your device for a truly immersive experience!