Mobulair is a London-based, CAA-certified drone specialist fully equipped to build, fly and film!

We work with leading brands and agencies to help create stunning aerial footage, specialising in cutting-edge 360° aerial video.

With hundreds of multirotor / UAV or ‘drone’ builds completed, Mobulair has a wealth of experience and technical expertise in the world of multirotor design, construction and repair.

Our pilots are fully trained and insured to undertake aerial filming and surveying work and hold the relevant Civil Aviation Authority qualifications to do so commercially (CAA No. UAV1741).

To learn more, visit the Gallery to see some of our custom builds, meet our drone fleet here, and read the Blog to learn about our recent commercial projects.

We live and breathe drones and would love to discuss your needs, big or small. Call on 07970 722 316 or get in touch here.

View some of our work below or check the portfolio section for more details.
(360 Degree footage best viewed on VR headset or Cardboard type device – Please note, some web browsers may not support 360 panoramic view. Best viewed via Google Chrome or the Youtube app on your Smartphone for the full 360 experience.)