A Bulgarian Beauty Queen: 360° Journey

Mobulair was the 360° drone operator on a 3-day shoot for yoghurt brand Mosilian (agency: Ogilvy PR Shanghai), executed by VR, AR and 360° specialists Happy Finish.

For this spectacular shoot we travelled to the remote Bulgarian mountain village of Momchilovtsi – the home of Mosilian yoghurt. The 360° video campaign starred the villagers themselves and followed the Bulgarian Beauty Queen as she walked through the village, culminating in a festive celebration scene.

To capture this impressive 360° aerial footage, Mobulair worked closely with the 360 degree DOP and the rest of the substantial crew. The flightpath saw the drone fly through the village, over surrounding fields and forests, and culminated in a carefully choreographed shot starting above the heads of the dancing villagers and slowly ascending to 400 ft.

For Mobulair, the main challenges were the high altitude (1200m), strong winds and changeable terrain – all reflections of the stunning mountain landscape. We think the final 360° advert does full justice to both the people and the terrain – see for yourself below.

Make sure to change your settings to the highest resolution and don’t forget to pan around the video by moving your device for a truly immersive experience!